Puppy Love

If you know me you know how obsessed I am with puppies. I squeal, I squeeze, I love puppies. My craziness has even been compared to Elmyra Duff.

So of course this sweater had to mine. And I’ll love it forever.

Peach + Stripes

I don’t get why guys wear board shorts to work out at the gym, I questioned to Joe. Board shorts are made for the water, not for sweat.

He looked at me, Yeah…this coming from the girl that wears dresses as skirts or tops and doesn’t really follow any rules for clothing.

Okay but there’s a difference right, I do that for fashion.

Dress worn as a Skirt, last seen HERE


This past weekend it was actually really pretty cold. You know, Southern California freezing standard where it’s 50′s during the day and we all swear we’re in the Antarctic.

It sure was pretty wonderful.

And thank goodness I had these leg warmers to keep be warm (I did say it was Southern California). Sure my coat was super thick and I was wearing many layers under that but it was the leg warmers that really kept me all fuzzy warm.  Maybe it was because I couldn’t help do the “Flashdance dance”, no not that one, THIS one. I love that movie.


If Second Grader Kathrina would have told Twenty-something year old Kathrina that turtlenecks would be cool to wear as an adult I would’ve laughed at her and asked if it would be cool to tie a shirt around your waist too like she did. She would’ve patted me on the back, with her glitter painted nails, reassuring me it would be.

I wish Second Grader Kathrina would’ve given me the head’s up on overalls too.


Wearing four layers on the top. But I felt pretty tough wearing this outfit. So tough after frolicking in the leaves we hopped in the car, drove to some sketchy areas of LA, got lost, and made a bunch of u-turns. I may have started sweating.

Maybe it was the four layers.